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your targeted audience and gives you the best return on investment.

Ghosting Tech is a full-service email marketing company that is data-driven and focused on helping our clients succeed. We offer various services, from email strategy and content creation to execution, to ensure that brands deliver the right message to customers at the right time. We take a holistic approach to email marketing, ensuring that our clients have the necessary information and support to create a favourable customer experience. Our email marketing services include customer identification, email assistance, enhanced customization, creative design implementation, and more. Our team is dedicated to understanding your main goals and guiding you in the direction that will lead to the best possible outcomes for your business

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Email marketing is an important strategy for businesses because it is the most effective way to nurture leads and build customer loyalty. Here are some reasons why email marketing should be a top priority for your business: Email is the number one communication channel, with at least 99% of consumers checking their email daily. You own your email list, unlike social media accounts that can be suspended or deleted at any time without notice. An email has a high conversion rate, with customers who receive email offers spending 138% more than those who do not. Email marketing has an impressive ROI of 4400%, and an email’s average order value is three times higher than that of social media. You can effectively reach and engage with your target audience and drive business growth by including email marketing in your marketing plan.
Here is a glossary of key terms to help you understand email marketing: Subscriber: someone who has signed up to receive emails from you Opt-in: the act of choosing to receive marketing emails from a person, brand, or business Opt-in incentive: a reason for people to subscribe to your list; also called a lead magnet List: a collection of email subscribers; a list may contain multiple groups or segments Group: a category of subscribers within a list set up by the brand or business Segment: a category of subscribers created automatically based on their subscription activity, such as time zone, engagement rate, purchase history, and more Automation: a series of pre-written emails that are sent automatically in response to a subscriber’s actions, such as abandoned cart automation, also known as an email sequence or autoresponder Broadcast: a one-time message sent to groups or segments on your list; also known as newsletters, announcements, or promotions Opt-in form: a signup form where visitors can join your email list; opt-in forms can be pop-ups, inline, full-screen, slider, floating, and more. Landing page: a standalone page containing an opt-in form people can use to opt into your email list.
To start email marketing, you must first build your list of email subscribers. This is essential because you can’t send out email marketing campaigns without anyone to send them to, and email marketing won’t be effective if you don’t have the right people on your list. It would help you capture leads to grow your list with your target audience. OptinMonster is a useful tool as it allows you to create opt-in campaigns quickly and easily and target the right people at the right time in their customer journey. Integrating with over 30 email service providers, OptinMonster can help you grow your list with quality leads and increase your profits. keting company that helps businesses bring their network together and build strong online communities.

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