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“As a leading web design and digital marketing company in Canning Vale, Australia. Ghosting Tech has a proven track record of success. Our extensive experience and award-winning portfolio speak for themselves, and we consistently receive five-star reviews from our satisfied clients. Trust us to be your perfect partner for all your web design and digital needs.”

We Are Not Just Canning Vale Web Designers
We Are Google Marketers.
“If you choose to work with our highly skilled and award-winning web design team in Canning Vale, you can feel confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results. With years of experience in the industry, we have a track record of delivering successful web design solutions and internet marketing services to our clients

We aren’t just your agency - we are your partner in growth

Here’s what you can expect from us


Complete Business Audit

We start with the complete audit of our clients business first, so that We can understand complete about your Business.


In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Once we understand your Business we than analyse your competator by researching their Business in depth.


Bespoke Growth Strategy

Now comes to the Strategy, We build Unique and result-oriented stratgey so that we can make your business fly in the Digital World.


Projections for ROI

We also make projections for your Business ROI so that we can measure your growth and go for a better strategy.

What we do

We deliver growth by developing winning marketing and brand strategies with full execution capability.

Digital Marketing

Our advisors recognize business. They apprehend numbers. By leveraging insights from the Ghosting Tech platform, our digital advisors will assist you format your digital advertising and marketing budgets, set clear ambitions for every product/channel and assist you apprehend the place your most worthwhile leads and income is coming from.

Web Design and Development

A website is the first glimpse a potential customer has of your business. So it must be effortless to use, beautify your company’s credibility, and, most importantly, generate sales. Our net graph enterprise is primarily based in Canning Vale and has 15+ years of experience.

Search Engine Optimization

We turn the technical into tangible, real-world results that extend far beyond the traditional search agency approach of keywords and organic search rankings. We measure our performance by the metrics that matter, the growth and success of your business.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads has accelerated the boom of hundreds of Australian businesses. PPC advertisements can successfully sift thru audiences to goal the proper clients via what they are looking for. Better yet, when strategizing correctly, Google Ads supplies higher ROI than typical advertising strategies.

Facebook Ad Management

Facebook advertising can help you sell more products and grow your business. With the help of a skilled team like Ghosting Tech, you can create a personalized and effective Facebook ads campaign that reaches customers who have already shown interest in your business.

Direct Response Landing Page

A landing page is a way to go if you want website visitors to take action. These pages, which are focused on a specific goal, are used by digital marketers worldwide to increase conversions and generate leads. At our company, we specialise in creating landing pages that are visually appealing, functional, and effective at generating leads.

Why Choose Ghosting - Tech?

Using our step-by-step process, you can kickstart your online presence and attract the right audience.

We’ll help you get it right.

Free Discovery Call for a Website Design or Redesign

"To ensure that your online presence aligns with your goals, we offer a complimentary discovery call. Our web design services include incorporating your logo and branding, registering your domain, and setting up professional email accounts. Additionally, we take care of all content creation and hosting for the websites we build, ensuring that security and maintenance are handled efficiently."

Social Media Set-Up

"By partnering with us, you'll receive a comprehensive set of web design services. In addition to designing and building your website, our packages also include setting up and optimizing your local Google listing and Facebook page. We can also provide cover photos for your presence on other social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube."

Graphic Design Services

"After collaborating with our team, we can also offer custom graphic design services to meet your specific needs. These services may include designing business cards, brochures, email signatures, creating social media posts, video editing, and designing email marketing campaigns."

After the Launch of Google Services

"At Ghosting Tech, we are passionate about leveraging the power of Google to help our clients grow their businesses. Once your website is live, we can assist you in driving traffic through various Google online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your visibility in natural search results and Google Ads for immediate lead generation.

Website Design and Google Specialist Services

At Ghosting Tech, experience is key. As an extension of your team, you'll be assigned a dedicated project manager who is always ready to assist you. Our team is value-driven and committed to exceeding expectations on every project. We make sure to manage expectations and deliver more value than promised.

Grow your Business with Our Best Digital Marketing in Canning Vale, Australia

Our Unique Multi-channel digital marketing strategy

Whether it’s organic search, SEM, social media advertising, or email, the benefits of utilizing multi—channel marketing provides effective and powerful targeting of your audience at each stage of the customer journey. Combining multi-channel marketing in your digital strategy provides significant advantages.

The advantages of multi-channel include:

  • Improved audience reach & Targeting
  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Lower CPA costs
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Improved audience engagement
  • Improved data collection & insights
  • Improved customer trust & loyalty

Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a broad term used to cover all efforts designed and implemented to increase awareness, interest, and consideration of your brand across online platforms and devices connected to the internet. This means a targeted mix of campaigns across websites, social media platforms, search engines, applications, and a growing number of new, innovative channels to improve the communication between businesses and their potential customers. A successful digital marketing campaign's common components are a rigorous strategy built around business objectives, creative content paired with technical expertise, and consistent, transparent reporting and analysis to refine for better performance.

Given the many digital marketing channels available, deciding which is best to achieve your business’s marketing goals can be overwhelming. Simply jumping headfirst into all of them can spread your resources too thin and leave you struggling to see healthy returns. Equally, limiting your efforts to only a corner of the options available can leave a large portion of your potential audience untapped.

The key is identifying your ideal customer and learning where they spend their time online. In other words, who do you want to purchase your offerings, and where would they most likely be searching for them? This could be through digital media buying, search engines, or specific social media channels. They require a more indirect, nurturing content marketing campaign with a constant stream of information across multiple platforms. Every business is different and will require a unique marketing mix to achieve its goals alongside available budgets.

Digital marketing campaigns perform best when erected around a marketing funnel model. It can get quite technical, but a funnel works towards structuring digital marketing efforts attracting as many people as possible within a target audience, building their engagement, and nurturing them toward completing a specific sale or objective. We do this by tailoring campaigns and content created within them to build brand awareness, pique the interest and spark consideration of your offerings within that audience, and then continuously deliver frictionless, high-performing customer experience until they are ready to make a purchase, submit an inquiry, or complete another task you desire from them.

Ghosting Tech Agency is an Indian-owned and operated providing digital services to Australian businesses, large and small. We are based in Canning Vale and work with businesses Australia-wide, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart.

Ghosting Tech brings together a range of specialists in not just every discipline of digital marketing but also industry knowledge. We take the time to understand your specific situation and objectives and have the expertise and resources to build you a tailored digital marketing strategy that employs the appropriate tools, platforms, and metrics to deliver you the best return on investment as soon as possible.

Modern business is conducted online, and your operations likely fall behind the competition without a refined, high-performing digital presence.

Websites, social media accounts, and other digital platforms create a convenient way for consumers to search for new products and services and find valuable content to keep them engaged and entertained for hours every day. Businesses worldwide are leveraging this fact. The internet is now filled with flexible, creative channels allowing businesses of all sizes to better target and interact with their ideal audiences in real-time. With this data and a range of sophisticated capabilities available, marketing is more affordable and effective with unlimited reach potential when compared with traditional advertising methods.

When a proper strategy is developed incorporating your specific business objectives and industry features, your business can maximize the appropriate tools available to you to increase return on investment in generating new leads or sales.

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